Hungry Ghosts Nominated for a Writers' Guild Award!

28 September 2020| Tags: Hungry Ghosts, AWGIES, Writers' Guild, Awards

The Hungry Ghosts screenwriting team (Timothy Hobart, John Ridley, me and my brother (Alan Nguyen) and Michele Lee) just got nominated for an Australian Writer’s Guild award for Best Writing on a Television Miniseries!

It turns out Alan and I aren’t even the only writer-brothers nominated for awards. In a different category (Children’s Television), nominations have gone to the the Bondi Hipsters for The New Legends of Monkey!

You want to to know three things about the Bondi Hipsters that I just found out? Okay:

1) They are also brothers who write screenplays and think a lot about Monkey Magic.

2) Do you remember, about ten years ago, an Aussie guy was stuck in hospital and became a viral star by rapping from his hospital bed–the Fully Sick Rapper? That was one of the brothers!

3) They are not even called the Bondi Hipsters, they are the Van Vuuren Brothers. They’ve made a bunch of excellent stuff, and Bondi Hipsters was actually just one series of theirs. So me thinking that they are called the Bondi Hipsters would be like me thinking that Bruce Willis’s name is Die Hard, which, incidentally, I do.

It’s a bit of a bummer that the Writers' Guild Awards (AWGIES) will be online this year; any other year and my brother and I would go and hang out with some of the other writers. If you were going to the AWGIES (or even if you weren’t), drop me a line and we can have virtual drinks instead!


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